How to Add Buttons in WordPress Posts Without Using Shortcodes

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In this tutorial, we will discuss a simple way to add buttons in WordPress Posts without using any shortcodes. In this lesson, you will learn about a simple plugin that enables you to add colorful buttons with icons directly from the visual editor.  You will not need to use any shortcode and would be able to see a live preview right within the editor.

Most beginners are not comfortable with HTML/CSS coding. That is why plugins are the best suitable option for adding tables or buttons in WordPress. Though there are lots of plugins available for adding buttons to your posts and pages, most of them require the use of shortcodes.

But the issue is that many beginner users find it difficult to remember and configure those codes. So, we have come up with a solution to add buttons in WordPress without using shortcodes.

How to Add Buttons in WordPress Posts or Pages?

First, you need to install and activate the "Forget About Shortcode Buttons" plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. In case if you need help to install plugins, follow our guide on how to install and manage WordPress Plugins.

Note: This plugin requires WordPress 3.9 or higher to work properly. Also, though it is not officially tested in 4.9 (or above), it still works great.

After you have installed and activated the plugin, just create a new post or edit an existing one, and you will find a new button in the WordPress Visual Editor labeled "Insert Button".

Add button icon

To create and insert a new button in your post (or page), you need to click on the "Insert Button" icon. This will show you a popup window where you can design a new button and adjust the styles.

Add button pop up

Here, you need to add your desired button text, URL, and then adjust text color, background color,  button size (extra small to extra large), and the button appearance style.

Lastly, if you click on the Icons tab, you will find lots of free icons that you can add before or after the text in your buttons.

Add icon in Button

During this customization, you will be able to see a live preview of this button's appearance in the preview window. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel, click on Insert.

Now, here comes the best feature of this plugin. Even after inserting the button, you will be able to see your button inside the visual editor in the same way it would appear in your post.

Add Buttons in WordPress Posts visual editor

In case you want to change the button style, you can simply select the button text and use the hover icon to edit it again. Alternatively, you can double click on the button to bring up the Insert Button popup, and re-edit your button.

We also use this plugin, the buttons that are shown on our homepage is created using this plugin.

We hope that you have enjoyed the above article describing how to add buttons in WordPress without using any shortcode. Be with us to explore free training on Leading Technologies and Certifications.

Leave us some comments if you have any questions or need further help on the above topic, we will be happy to help you.

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