How to Change the Font Size in WordPress (Four Easy Methods)

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Do you want to change the default font size of your WordPress posts or pages? In this tutorial, we will explain four easy ways to change font size of your WordPress posts and pages. In this chapter, you will learn how to adjust the default font size of WordPress and some easy ways to increase or decrease font size and do text formatting in WordPress.

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How to Change Font Size in WordPress?  

As this tutorial is a part of beginner’s guide, we will describe four most easy methods of changing font size that you can use without much technical knowledge.

Method 1: Change Font Size Using the Paragraph Headings (HTML Headings)  

Some of the time, people want a bigger font size to catch the attention of their readers especially for the heading elements. In the WordPress Visual Editor, you can use different heading sizes to choose the appropriate size you want.

While writing a post or page in the visual editor mode, you can see all the available header font size under the “Paragraph” tab. (See the below screenshot).

Adjust Font Size in Paragraph Heading

These Heading sizes are controlled by your theme’s stylesheet file (style.css) to ensure that the font size is consistent with your website design. Using headings in your articles is also a good practice to improve the user experience and site's SEO.

Method 2: Adjust Font Size Using TinyMCE Advanced Plugin  

The second method is to use a plugin called TinyMCE Advanced. we will use this WordPress plugin to gain a finer control of the font-sizes and text formatting when writing an article.

The first thing you need to do is to install and activate the TinyMCE advanced plugin. You can take help from our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

After successful activation of this plugin, you will see some new options in the visual editor, along with the option to change the font size and font family. (As shown in below screenshot).

Adjust Font Size in TinyMCE Advanced

If you till not able to see the option shown above, simply go to Settings ⇒ TinyMCE Advanced to configure the editor settings. On that page, you will see a view of TinyMCE Editor toolbar and all the available buttons. You will also see all the unused buttons (as shown in below picture).

TinyMCE Advanced Settings

Now all you have to do is to drag and drop the font family and font size button from the unused buttons to any row in the toolbar. After that, click on Save Changes button to save the changes you have made. Now you will see those buttons in the visual editor and adjust the font size from within the editor.

The benefit of this plugin is that you can select any font face and font size you like from the drop down. It also gives you more freedom, as with help of this plugin you can even write in a font-size smaller than the normal body font i.e. - 8pt or 10pt.

But the biggest downside of this method is that, if you ever decide to change the theme, you have to account for all the font size changes you made in individual posts.

Method 3: Change Font Size from Inside Your Theme Settings  

Some of the modern themes will give you the option to change the default font size of paragraphs and headings.

To do that, you have to open the theme settings by going to “Appearance ⇒ Customize” and then search for the option to change font size. Below is a screenshot of Vantage theme (by SiteOrigin) where you can change the font size of all the elements.

Font Settings in Theme Options

Method 4: Change Font Size of Paragraphs Using CSS  

If you are not happy with the font size set by your theme or if you want to change the font size of the paragraphs manually, then the safest and most effective way to do this is by using CSS.

To change the font size of paragraphs, You just need to add the following custom CSS to your WordPress theme.

[css]p {

Note: You can do this by adding the CSS in the "Additional CSS" under the theme customizer or by using a Custom CSS plugin.


We hope that you have enjoyed the above article explaining methods to change the default font size of WordPress posts or pages. Be with us to explore free training on Leading Technologies and Certifications.

Leave us some comments if you still have any questions or doubts about adjusting the font size in WordPress, we will be happy to help you.

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