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In this tutorial, we will discuss the ITIL Compliance Management Process. In this chapter, you will learn the Definition, Scope, Objective, Roles, and Activities of Compliance Management - ITIL V3 Process.

What is ITIL Compliance Management Process?  

Compliance Management Process is not officially defined as a process in ITIL Service Design, and ITIL v3 official documentation doesn’t describe any detail about this process. But this process is used throughout the ITIL lifecycle where compliance issues are to be addressed.

As per the idea we get from ITIL booksITIL Compliance Management is the process to check and address all the issues related to Regulatory and Non-Regulatory Compliance.

ITIL Compliance Management Scope: 

At present days, compliance is an increasingly important topic for IT organizations.

ITIL Compliance Management Process is most importantly used in conjunction with Design Coordination, Financial Management, and Information Security Management to comply with Organization's Internal Policies, Standard Industrial Norms, and with Governmental Laws and Regulations.

So in view of the above context, we have decided to discuss this process to provide you some insight into it. We would not discuss the process in-depth but to provide you sufficient information required for the ITIL Foundation Examination purpose.

ITIL Compliance Management Objective: 

The primary objective of ITIL Compliance Management Process is to ensure that all the IT services, processes, and systems comply with enterprise policies and legal requirements.

ITIL Compliance Management Sub-Process: 

In ITIL v3, no sub-processes are described under this process.

This is a standalone process, receiving information from various other ITIL processes and proving necessary suggestions to them after analyzing that information.

Important Terminologies & Definitions: 

Compliance Register:

  • The Compliance Register is a log or database used to keep a track of all compliance requirements and the measures the success of compliance enforcement.

Compliance Review:

  • The Compliance Review is the method of documenting the results of the regular process and system compliance assessments.
  • It contains all identified compliance deviations, as well as explains the measures to correct the situation.

Enterprise Policies and Regulations:

  • A set of defined enterprise policies, guidelines, and regulations which are an important input for the ITIL Compliance Management process.

ITIL Compliance Management Roles and Responsibilities: 

Compliance Manager:

  • This role is the Process Owner of ITIL Compliance Management Process.
  • Compliance Manager role is responsible for ensuring that enterprise & government standards, guidelines, and legal requirements are being followed properly.
  • This role is also responsible for identifying any non-compliance and take corrective actions, if necessary.
  • Compliance Manager works in parallel with Service Design Manager, Financial Manager, and Information Security Manager.

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