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What is IT Facilities Management in ITIL ITSM? 

IT Facilities Management (A.K.A Facility Management) is one of the sub-functions of IT Operations Management under ITIL’s Service Operation process group of IT Service Management (ITSM) framework. This function is responsible for managing the physical environment, for example: data centers, computer rooms, cooling, power supply etc. In some cases, ITIL IT Facilities Management also manages the third-party contracts where many of this maintenance works are outsourced to third parties. Facilities Management also carries out large-scale consolidation projects, such as data center consolidation, server consolidation etc. This function works closely with IT Operations Control and also controls the physical access as part of Access Management Process.

ITIL IT Facilities Management Objective: 

As per ITIL v3, the primary objective of IT Facilities Management function is to manage and maintain the physical environment of the organization’s IT infrastructure. This includes managing every aspect of the physical environment, such as power, cooling, building access control, and also taking part in large consolidation projects such as Data Centre Consolidation, Server Consolidation etc.

ITIL IT Facilities Management Activities & Scope: 

Below lists some IT Infrastructure related tasks that are managed and performed by ITIL Facilities Management:

ITIL IT Facilities Management Activities & Scope
  • Air Conditioning: Managing efficient cooling, especially in Data Centre.
  • Humidity Control: Monitor & Control the humidity level inside the office.
  • Electrical Power: Maintain a constant source of power supply.
  • Static Electricity: Reduce any electrical interference.
  • Electrical Grounding: Ensure proper electrical grounding or earthling.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Maintain UPS facility for backup.
  • Backup UPS Batteries: Maintain and Periodic health checkup of installed UPS batteries.
  • Backup Generator: Maintain the facility of the backup generators to facilitate power supply in case of the long main-power outage.
  • Water Level Detection: Water Level Detection should be in place (inside Data Centre).
  • Smoke Detection: Maintenance & periodic testing of Smoke Detectors throughout the office premises.
  • Fire Extinguisher: Maintain the availability of Fire Extinguisher systems throughout the office premises.
  • Gas Leaks: Checking and Controlling any Gas Leakage.
  • Facility Monitoring with Alarms: Auto Alarming system to be placed for monitoring all the above-mentioned facilities.
  • Earthquake Safeguards: Maintain stares and other relevant facilities to vacate the office in case of an earthquake.
  • Safety Training: Arrange for Periodic Safety training for all the users.
  • Supplier Management: Ha to do contract management, in case any relevant takes are outsourced to third parties.
  • Controlled Physical Access: Deploying Security checks and Access Control mechanisms for restricting physical access only to the authorized persons.
  • Protected Vaults: Arrange for Protected Vaults or Safes for storing important documents and items (like Backup Tapes).
  • Cleanness of Physical Location: Everyday cleaning of office premises.
  • Classified Environment: Classify areas of office premises according to the access-levels required by employees to access that area.

Important Roles in ITIL IT Facilities Management: 

Facilities Manager (AKA Facility Manager): This role is the Process Owner (Functional Owner) of this function. This role is responsible for managing and maintaining the physical environment of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Facilities Manager has the overall responsibility for managing all the aspects of IT Infrastructure, whatever is assigned within the Facilities Management's scope of work.

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