How to Install WordPress Using Mojo Marketplace (With Picture)

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Previously we have learned how to install WordPress manually with any web hosts. Now you would learn to install WordPress Using AutoInstall Script. Here in this tutorial, we would learn How to Install WordPress using Mojo Marketplace in cPanel, one of the most popular Scripts used by BlueHost and some other hosting provider.

Which Web Hosting We are Using for Tutorial: 

Here we are going to use the Bluehost cPanel to show you the procedure of installing WordPress by using MOJO Marketplace AutoInstall Script.  Bluehost is very well managed and very reliable web hosting service. They also provide free domain name with some of their hosting plans.

[Note: Though Auto Installer Scripts are easy to use, still we recommend installing WordPress manually. Which is much secure than Auto Installs]

If your web host is using the Mojo Marketplace as an AutoInstall Script provider then this tutorial is relevant to you.

How to Install WordPress Using Mojo Marketplace? 

Now let’s begin with the actual installation procedure and let me guide you through a step-by-step procedure to install WordPress Using MOJO Marketplace AutoInstall Script.

Step 1 - Login to Your Bluehost's cPanel: 

Simply log-in to your web hosting account and then on your cPanel dashboard (Alternatively you can log in to cPanel using the direct list provided by web hosts). Then scroll down to the section named "website".

Mojo Marketplace WordPress install

Step 2 - Click on The Install WordPress Button: 

Click on Install WordPress icon (alternatively you can click "1-click Install"). Both of them will take you to the MOJO Marketplace front page. Here you will see an overview of WordPress and an "Install" button. You just need to click on the install button to begin with the installation process.

Start to Install WordPress Using MOJO Marketplace

Step 3 - Select Domain Name and Installation Path: 

MOJO Marketplace will now ask for a domain name and the desired installation path. Just select your domain name from the drop-down menu and provide a subdirectory name if you want to install in a subdirectory. Then click on the check domain button to proceed with the installation.

MOJO Marketplace  choose domain name

Step 4 - Provide Site Title and Admin Information: 

The MOJO installer will start checking that everything is in order or not. If found ok then it will show you the final step with an "Install Now" button. Here you can check the Advanced Options box to see some more customization options (This is highly recommended).

MOJO Marketplace installation options

Here you will find that the MOJO Marketplace has already given your site a default site title "My Site". And It will also be using your a default admin email address as the username and have already filled-up a random password. These fields are editable, and you can change all these settings before final installation. Last but not the least, you also need to agree to their terms and conditions by selecting the checkbox.

Step 5 - Wait Until the WordPress Installation Completes: 

Once you have finished all the above steps, you can now click on the "Install Now" button to start with the actual installation.

Your installation will now begin, and you would see a progress bar showing you the installation progress. It can take up to few minutes to complete the installation. Don't close the installation window, just sit back and enjoy the WordPress installation until finished.

MOJO Marketplace install running

Step 6 - Go to MOJO Notification Center: 

Once the installation is completed, you will be shown a page with success message and a view credentials button at the right corner as shown below. Click on that button.

mojo marketplace WordPress install Completed

Step 7 - View WordPress Login Credentials: 

You will not be redirected to the MOJO Marketplace dashboard, You need to scroll down to the "Notification Center" and again click on the "View" button to view the WordPress login credentials.

Mojo Marketplace notification center

Step 8 - WordPress Installation Complete: 

This will display a congratulation page, showing the success notice, WordPress site URLs, and Login Credentials. Here you will find links to your website and WordPress admin area followed by the username and password you will need to login to your site. Just note them down in a secure place.

MOJO WordPress login info

Congratulation!! You have successfully installed WordPress using the MOJO Marketplace AutoInstall Script.


We hope that you have enjoyed the above article about How to Install WordPress Using MOJO Marketplace. Be with us to explore free training on Leading Technologies and Certifications.

Leave us some comments if you have any question or facing issues while installing WordPress We will definitely help you.

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