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What is ITIL Monitoring of CSI Initiatives in ITSM? 

The Monitoring of CSI Initiatives is the last main processes under ITIL’s Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process group of IT Service Management (ITSM) framework. Sometimes this process is also known as only “CSI Monitoring”. This is a very critical process for monitoring if the CSI initiatives are delivering results as expected. It takes the detail of defined CSI baseline, initiatives planned (or implemented), and KPI targets as an input from ITIL Service Strategy, ITIL Definition of CSI Initiatives, and ITIL Process Evaluation processes respectively. It then assesses and compares those received information to judge the effectiveness of the CSI plan.  If needed it then provides feedback to ITIL Service Review and ITIL Process Evaluation for farther assessment and planning.

ITIL Monitoring of CSI Initiatives Objective: 

The primary objective of the ITIL Monitoring of CSI Initiatives Process is to verify if the improvement initiatives are proceeding according to plan, and to introduce corrective measures if necessary.

ITIL Monitoring of CSI Initiatives Sub-Processes:  

As per ITIL v3, there is no defined sub-process under this process. The process flow is shown in the below diagram:

ITIL Monitoring of CSI Initiatives Process

Important Roles in ITIL Monitoring of CSI Initiatives: 

CSI Manager: Along with other processes of CSI, the CSI Manager role is the process owner of this process also. The Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Manager is responsible for managing improvements to IT Service Management processes and IT Services. Especially in this process, he is responsible for overall monitoring of the implementation path of the CSI Initiatives. He is also responsible for verifying if the implementation is going according to the proposed plan and is in-line with the organization’s business strategy. In case of any deviation, the CSI Manager also has the authority to take necessary actions and providing feedback to other CSI processes for further planning and reviewing.

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