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In this tutorial, we will discuss on the ITIL IT Operations Management function. This function is also widely known as the ITIL Operations Managment process. In this chapter, you will learn the Definition, Objective, Goals, Roles, and Sub-Functions of IT Operations Management - ITIL V3 function.

What is ITIL IT Operations Management? 

IT Operations Management (ITOM) is one of the main functions of the Service Operation module of ITIL framework. This function is responsible for managing the capacity, performance, and availability of all the components used in organization’s IT Infrastructure.

The ITIL IT Operations Management is also responsible for maintaining all the technology infrastructure components, and as well as looks after all the aspects of applications, services, storage, networking and connectivity elements that are used in the day-to-day operations of an organization.

According to ITIL v3, Operations Management function describes those approaches that need to be followed in order to ensure consistency, reliability, and quality of service.

ITIL IT Operations Management Objective: 

According to ITIL v3, the primary objective of ITIL IT Operations Management is to monitor and control the IT infrastructure and services.

ITIL Operations Management carries out day-to-day tasks related to the management of the infrastructure components and services, according to the standards defined by Service Design Process.

The Goals of ITIL Operations Management: 

Below lists some of the goals of this ITIL Operations Management function:

  • Increasing Stability: It tries to reduce the requirement of infrastructure changes, which helps to maintain the status quo and minimize service disruption.
  • Continual Improvement of Service: It tried to improve the IT infrastructure and service quality by placing necessary change requirements.
  • Issue Diagnosis and Resolution: Within its day-to-day activity, it helps to detect and provides quick resolution to the service failures. To do this the IT Operations Management (ITOM) has to maintain a solid coordination with Service Desk, Technical Management, Application Management, and Incident Management.

The below image describes the overlap it has with other functions & processes:

ITIL IT Operations Management Sub-Functions: 

The IT Operations Management (ITIL V3) is divided into two sub-functions (shown the above picture).

The objectives and short descriptions about those sub-functions are given below:

(i) IT Operations Control:

  • This sub-function controls the monitoring and execution of the routine day-to-day operational activities and tasks that are needed to manage the IT Infrastructure.
  • IT Operations Control function is the main controller of Event Management process.
  • Tasks like component monitoring, job scheduling, backup & restore, routing maintenance are done within this sub-function.
  • IT Operations Control facilitates centralized monitoring and control activities, typically by the use of an Operations Bridge or Network Operations Centre (NOC). 

(ii) Facilities Management:

  • This sub-function carries out the management of the physical environment. For Example, data centers, computer rooms, cooling, power supply etc.
  • In some larger organization where many of this works are outsourced to third parties, there the facilities management also does the maintenance of those third-party contracts.

ITIL IT Operations Management Roles: 

The two major roles responsible for managing the ITIL IT Operations Management function are:

IT Operations Manager:

  • This role is responsible for managing Event Management process and IT Operations Control function. Click here to know more.

Facilities Manager:

We hope that you have enjoyed the above article explaining the ITIL IT Operations Management (ITOM) function. Be with us to explore free training on Leading Technologies and Certifications.

Leave us some comments if you have any question or you need any further clarification on the IT Operations Management (ITIL V3) process, we would be definitely helping you out.

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