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What is ITIL Service Review in ITSM? 

ITIL Service Review is one of the main processes under ITIL’s Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process group of IT Service Management (ITSM) framework. This process is sometimes also referred to as ITIL Service Review & Reporting. It describes a set of best practices required to review processes and services through their life-cycle. This process also describes the need for reporting the findings of the review to stakeholders, so that they can plan for improvement. The reports generated in this process are very critical inputs of Process Evaluation and Definition of CSI Initiatives process.

ITIL Service Review Objective: 

The primary objective of ITIL Service Review is to review business and infrastructure services (and processes) on a regular basis. The goal of this process is to identify more economical ways of providing a service while improving (or maintaining) the service quality.

Important Terminologies & Definitions: 

Service Review Report: It is a document containing the results and findings of a Review conducted under this ITIL Service Review and Reporting process. This report acts as an important input to the Process Evaluation and Definition of CSI Initiatives process.

Suggested Service Improvement:  These are typically suggestion received from other service management processes (or from stakeholders) for improving service quality or for reducing the cost of service. Suggestions may come from anywhere within or outside of the IT organization and may include suggestions for changing, improving, or modifying the way a service is provided. It may also contain suggestions for negotiating service agreement benchmarks (SLAs, OLAs and UCs targets).

Sub-Processes of ITIL Service Review: 

According to ITIL v3, there are no defined sub-processes under this process. The process flow is shown in the below diagram:

ITIL Service Review and Reporting Process

Important Roles in ITIL Service Review: 

CSI Manager: This role is the Process Owner of ITIL Service Review & Reporting. The Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Manager has the overall responsibility for managing improvements to IT Service Management processes and IT services. This role also periodically measures the performance of the service provider and design improvement activities applied to processes, services, and infrastructure.

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